Monday, April 6, 2009

Uncle Clark is Famous!

On Saturday when we turned on General Conference the choir was already in the middle of a song. After hearing about 2 notes Sarah exclaimed "I hear Uncle Clark!" She was very excited. On Sunday, we included him in our list of "words to listen for" so the kids got an M&M every time they saw him. I was listening more than I was watching so I never actually saw him and I still don't know if the kids were identifying the right person, but they were very excited when they thought they saw you. Thanks for making Conference a little more exciting for our kids.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family Reunion 2009

The 2009 Haglund Family Reunion kind of snuck up on me, Karen, and
Paul, your 2009 family reunion committee. Karen did find us a
wonderful venue and we are beginning to make plans. A contract is in
the mail to me and my credit card is being charged so I think we are
up and running. The various Colorado options were unavailable for any
family reunions before August 15, 2009, with the exception of the one
location at the YMCA family camp below. They call themselves the
Mercedes Benz of Reunions!
Here are the details:
August 12-16, 2009
Silver Sage Lodge, YMCA Family Camp
Snow Mountain Ranch, Winter Park, CO
Cost of meals is included in the room charge (see below)
Rooms include a queen bed plus 2 sets of bunks with a private bathroom
Free activities: roller-skating, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong
and foosball, swimming pool, sauna, softball, basketball, sand
volleyball, soccer, two tennis courts, horseshoes, hiking, mini golf,
frisbee golf, fishing, books and games from the library.
Activities with a charge: 22-foot indoor climbing wall, leather
craft, sun catchers, tie-dye shirts, walking sticks, jewelry making,
beading, horseback riding,
Classes: fly tying, stained glass, leather work, zip-line.
Some activities include equipment which is available for rent:
canoes, bows, fishing poles, mountain bikes.
Activity information:

Monday, July 28, 2008


Meadowview Guidelines

1. Gate must be kept locked at all times.

2. Motorized vehicles:

  • 10 mph on roads
  • No off-trail except on “common” areas
  • No trespassing on private property
  • No snowmobiles after 10 pm except going to/from property

3. No fire arms. Bows and arrows only in designated areas.

4. Leash dogs.

5. No cutting across roads until after thaw. No cutting across private properties without owner’s permission.

6. No excess noise.

RFH Haglund Family Guidelines

1. All cabin use must be reserved and calendared with reservation chairman.

2. A Haglund family member must be present when the cabin is in use.

3. When you arrive, check bulletin board for check in/out procedures. Pay particular attention to procedures involving turning water heater on and off and water use in winter.

4. Fires only in fire pit and with Summit Fire Dept. permission.

5. Use “The Lot” with respect and leave the place better than you found it.


1. Check to see if water is on.

2. Turn water heater and stove switches to “ON” position in breaker box. (Top switch on each side.) If water heater switch is turned on when water is not on, you will blow the heater coil in the water heater.

3. Check condition of cabin. Take note of any problems. Report any immediate issues to Grettle Haglund (801-277-9592), David Haglund (801-763-0950), or Matt Nagel (435-783-6485).

4. Unpack and enjoy. There is cupboard space for food and shelf and drawer space for your personal things.


1. Write in cabin guest book.

2. Remove all food items that you brought. Wipe refrigerator, stove, microwave, sink and counters with disinfectant wipes. Dishes should be clean and put away. Sweep floor, shake rug. Clean floor if necessary.

3. Beds should be left made up with clean sheets. Single bed sheets are in chest on 2nd loft. Double and queen sheets are in dressers in bedrooms. Vacuum bedrooms.

4. Used towels, sheets and dishtowels can be brought to Grandma for laundering. If you choose to launder them at home, be sure they are delivered to next person making a trip to the cabin.

5. Clean bathrooms thoroughly. Clean toilets with brush. Wipe counters and sinks with disinfectant wipes. Shake rugs and sweep. Clean floors if necessary.

6. Fires out. Cold ashes may be dumped outside in metal garbage can behind cabin. Any fresh ashes should be left in the stove.

7. Vacuum living areas. There is a vacuum on each floor.

8. Turn off stove and lights. Lower all shades.

9. Turn stove and water heater switches to “OFF” position.

10. Take all garbage out. It may be taken home or dumped in dumpster one mile down canyon.

11. Lock cabin and gate as you leave.


Please note that there is no cabin use fee at this time. For an extended stay, if you would like to make a contribution to the cabin fund, make a check payable to Grettle Haglund.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cabin Guidelines

After much discussion, many suggestions, and time to let the dust settle, we have finally come up with a "Cabin Use Guidelines" document with some more specific procedures for checking in and out of the cabin. As more frequent use of the cabin is shifting to the next generation and the number of "responsible parties" has grown from a dozen to several times that number, we felt it necessary to be somewhat more detailed about specific tasks that need to be done each time the cabin is used. Expectations have not really changed, it has just all been written down. This will be posted on the bulletin board in the hall by the kitchen.
Please be sure that you get your name on the calendar before you use the cabin, even if you are going up at the last minute and it appears no one else will be there. It is important to know when the cabin is in use and by whom.
We cannot give thanks often enough to Mom and Dad for having the vision to provide this wonderful haven for our family!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Rich "loses his mind" and runs for the school board

I recently became a qualified write-in candidate for the Metro Nashville Board of Education. A recently retired executive of the state interscholastic sports association left this message on my phone yesterday, wondering why I'd decided to enter the race: "I bet you've lost your mind and run away from home and that's why I got your voicemail."

I forgot to tell him that I'm just following a long Haglund family tradition and trying to be involved (wasn't Grandpa on the school board in Cedar Rapids? My dad ran for our local school board (in Williamson County; just south of Nashville) not long after we moved to Tennessee.

There are nine districts, and 4 of those 9 seats are being contested in this election (the district has 75,000 students). There are five other candidates running for the same district I am, so I figure that it won't take more than 1,000 votes to win.

Check out my website ( and blog ( and send me any comments!

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